About Us


ARCspace is a division of Sustainable Building Council, Ltd., and both are centrally headquartered in the Downtown Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor. We have additional operations in Miami and Mexico City. Sustainable Building Council brings together construction experts, architectural designers, engineers, builders, environmentalists, and innovative technology companies to sustainably solve the current affordable housing crisis.

ARCspace builds proprietary prefabricated steel modular building systems that are spec-built from the ground up using sustainable materials and welded with high-grade steel. ARCspace collaborates with fellow housing innovators to deliver sustainable new solutions including grid-independent power and water, impermanent foundations that support relocation, smart home/building technologies, energy-efficient materials, and nature-accommodating elements such as hurricane impact glass and fire-retardant materials. Working with a variety of public and private interests, ARCspace creates efficient, affordable, and cutting-edge solutions to the problems of homelessness and affordable housing.

Beyond ARCspace, Sustainable Building Council, Ltd. also does business (DBA) as ARCaid, the division providing modular units for disaster recovery efforts, and ARClife, the division that serves as a sustainable community builder and developer.

Affiliation with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) Provides Tremendous Advantage

Sustainable Building Council and their ARCspace division are thrilled to be part of LACI’s 2020 cohort program with 15 other companies focused on game-changing climate and clean technologies. The incredible and broad-based support from LACI, combined with the synergy of working with 15 other rapidly expanding cleantech companies, is expected to exponentially scale ARCspace’s ability to solve large-scale housing and building challenges. LACI is recognized as one of the most innovative business incubators in the world by UBI. In the past eight years, LACI has helped 78 portfolio companies raise $221M in funding, $220M in revenue, create 1,750 jobs, and deliver more than $393M in long-term economic value. Learn more at laci.org.

Join Us! Volunteer and Receive Skills Training

At our core, we are a social impact enterprise. Whenever possible, we provide local skills training on our projects. Want to volunteer? Skilled or not quite yet, volunteer and gain valuable training while contributing to your community. In the future, we will roll out an ARCspace Assembly Certification to support job creation and job training.