Frequently Asked Questions

ARCspace accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have a one-year warranty for interior components and a three-year warranty for exterior components.

Yes, ARCspace units are permanently attached to your property which means that low-interest real estate financing is available. Our financing team is comprised of licensed mortgage loan originators who will help you obtain the best possible financing for your project.

We have fire-resistant recycled plastic that is 30% less expensive than TREX in many different styles. We also have metal and farmhouse style options made with recycled non-wood. In non-fire areas, we have a range of metal and wood cladding. The only limit is your imagination!

We have partnered with a company that has designed and produces self-contained atmospheric water generators called Hydropanels which can produce 3 liters per day. Still, we are exploring new water capture bladder technologies to learn about all available options.

Yes! ARCspace interiors are fully customizable. -Flooring, countertops, fixtures, paint…everything! Our team will work with you to ensure that your new unit reflects your unique style.

Yes, we utilize environmentally friendly vegetable-based spray foam insulation. There is also a specialized window coating designed to reduce the amount of heat coming through the windows by up to 70%.

HVAC options are available for ARCspace units. You will have choices on the type of heating and cooling you require.

Yes, when the foundation is laid for your unit the plans will indicate where the sewer lines will be connected. If public sewer is not available at your site, a septic tank will need to be installed.

In recent years we have seen wildfires ravage our forests, towns, and neighborhoods. We believe that steel modular construction is the answer to protecting home loss due to fire. While we can not claim to be “fireproof”, the only real fire vulnerability of an ARCspace unit is the windows. Our units can be designed with steel window coverings to protect your home and the items inside.

Our units are built to meet and exceed California seismic safety requirements. Being made from steel, the structures are far less vulnerable to seismic damage.

Yes, the steel structure of ARCspace units makes them much more resilient against high-speed winds.

No. We do not utilize or work with any form of used containers, not even 1-trip containers (those only used one time). Shipping containers are manufactured with materials known to cause cancer such as LED paint, DDT wood flooring, and often have insecticide coatings, etc. Working on containers in any form is considered hazardous and can cause life-threatening illnesses. People often claim containers aren’t contaminated if they never transport hazardous goods. The fact is, the contamination does not just come from materials transported. Unfortunately, containers are ​manufactured using hazardous materials and coated with hazardous chemicals as well. There is an abundance of misleading information on the internet regarding used container housing. None of the container house builders offer source information or warranties for hazardous materials contained in their shipping container houses.

ARCspace was initially created in collaboration with the most innovative GreenTech companies in the world. We will continually work to provide the most cutting edge green technology in our units.

ARCspace is made with durable, responsibly sourced steel. Not only is does steel last longer than wood, it is also able to be recycled and repurposed.