Vision + Impact

Our Story

ARCspace manufactures innovative, rapidly-delivered, affordable steel modular buildings. We partner closely with leading-edge, sustainable cleantech which we incorporate into our units. We deliver finished units in 40-60% less time and cost than traditional construction—and we can do it at scale.

Contemporary/Modern Sustainable Communities

Large populations are seeking to relocate and be in new communities. Affordable housing and modern sustainable communities built for the post pandemic world.

Solutions for Building Tomorrow's Communities


Off-site construction occurs simultaneously with site work, allowing projects to be completed in nearly half the time of traditional construction.


Off-site factory-controlled manufacturing generates far less waste and creates fewer disturbances on site.


Our proprietary design and manufacturing processes encompass leading energy- and cost- efficient technologies.

Vision + Impact

ARCspace offers fast, mass-scale, affordable, sustainable building solutions that also integrate for local education and job creation. The launch of ARC (Affordable Relocatable Community) is set to change the way communities are built in the most housing challenged areas in the world.

Projects Completed

ARCspace DTLA (2017)

Who: Pilot project funded by SBC | ARCspace

What: A 1,280 sq. ft., two-story medium home

Where: Downtown Los Angeles, Arts District Why: Early multi-story prototype and demo unit seen by thousands of event guests, including the Mayors of Los Angeles, San Jose and Montréal. It carries one of the most sophisticated off-grid power technology systems in the city. It was assembled in 48 hours on a structurally engineered, temporary foundation.”

CES 2020

Who: SOURCE Global, PBC partnership with SBC

What: A 160 sq. ft. product activation pop-up / tiny home

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Why: To promote award-winning sustainability technology, SOURCE® Hydropanels, and to demonstrate our grid independent tiny home that was seen by over 10,000 visitors. These people tasted the water that was created using the Hydropanels, which uses the power of the sun to extract clean, pollutant-free drinking water from the air. Collected water is then mineralized for ideal composition and taste, making premium-quality drinking water a readily available resource.

San Jose Emergency Homeless Shelter

Who: Habitat for Humanity, City of San Jose, State of California and SBC

What: Two buildings, consisting of an ADA compliant admin building and a wet utility building with 4 bathrooms, and 6 unit laundry facility totaling 2,200 sq. ft.

Where: San Jose, CA

Why: Demonstrate Rapid build, State HCD Approved sustainable building for emergency and homeless housing. Also the first commercial application of a Pre-Fab foundation in the USA.

Tulum Art Gallery

Who: Private Client partnership with SBC

What: A 1,200 sq. ft. art gallery and community space

Where: Tulum, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Why: To prove remote location, fast build. Completed in 14 days.

LA to St. Croix

Who: Private Client partnership with SBC

What: A 320 sq. ft. medium home

Where: Los Angeles and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Why: An early prototype of hurricane resistant, grid independent, fast build for emergency and disaster relief housing, as well as ground and water logistics. This was built, shipped, finished and displayed in 28 days in affiliation with Bloomberg Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

Veteran’s Housing ADU Prototype

Who: Private Client partnership with SBC

What: A 320 sq. ft. medium home

Where: Built partly in San Diego, CA and Georgia

Why: Early prototype (2016-2017)

Next Level Sustainability & Innovation